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Official European Kevin Sorbo Fanclub

It's hard to believe but it's true - we have already been working since March 9th, 1998, thanks to Hannelore Müller and her former team: Helga, Susanne, Birgit D., Birgit K., Nadine and Sabrina.

Until the autumn of 2008 Hannelore Müller headed our Fanclub with much love and dedication. In agreement with Kevin Sorbo Hannelore then laid the further fate of the Fanclub into the hands of Lindsey, Heidi and Anne.

We are very proud that in 2005 our Club was able to celebrate "The 7 Year Itch"- an event that was celebrated with our members; and in 2008 we also celebrated our 10th anniversary with a wonderful clubmeeting with Kevin.

As the Official European Kevin Sorbo Fanclub is officially endorsed we have been able to build up a good co-operation with TV stations, movie companies, magazines and photo agencies.

A family atmosphere prevails in our club; members come from many different countries: England, The Netherlands, Australia, USA, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Germany etc.. If Kevin's time allows we meet him at conventions, in which case we always try to negotiate special conditions for our members. Those who want to accompany Kevin in his many and varied activities and are interested in news, photos, interviews etc., are in very good hands in our Club, and are very welcome as members!

In the new year of 2013, with Kevin's agreement, we became an online club with a Newsletter as PDF for download, and in 2014, also with the agreement of Kevin, we have taken the following action: to continue our work as an online Fanclub on Facebook, together with our official Clubsite, and the Newsletter was endet in June 2014.

If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact us; we hope that it will make it much easier for folk to join us and share in Kevin's news and celebrate and support his life and work;

Lindsey, Heidi und Anne

Official European Kevin Sorbo Fanclub

Webmaster: Anne Genstorfer
(c) Photos by Kevin Sorbo & OEKSFC


Anne Genstorfer Germany
Lindsey Foxall UK
Heidi Stolte Germany


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