Birthday 2016


Thank you for all your Donations
Vielen Dank für alle Eure Spenden

Anne & Klaus (Germany)
Heidi (Germany)
Jenny T (England)
Lindsey F (England)
Maria Carmen T (Spain)
Regina Z (Austria)
Rhonda S (USA)

USD $1105.09 

Kevins Message 

Hey….received the birthday wishes to family and the donation to WFT! You guys are amazing!! Sending major big hugs to all of your support, your continued help in promoting my career!! Such a blessing. Have a great Christmas season…it will be here. My kids are already bugging me to start putting up the tree and decorations. Remind me to video tape the Christmas room and I can send it to you all.

I am now in Santa Fe for Comic Con here. Been traveling way too much….like usual!!

Best to you.


Message from WFIT


Anne Genstorfer Germany
Lindsey Foxall UK


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