Bernie the Dolphin 2

with  Kevin Sorbo as Winston Mills 

Kevin and Holly are thrilled that their dolphin friend Bernie has come back to the harbor. But so has their old enemy Winston (Kevin Sorbo, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys), who’s just gotten out of prison. As the kids have fun with playful dolphin Rascal and sassy parrot Mango, Winston is forced by his old partner to help kidnap the talented Bernie. Can Kevin and Holly uncover the scheme and save their splashy friend before its too late? .

 Director: Kirk Harris
Writers: Terri Emerson, Marty Poole
Stars: Lola Sultan, Logan Allen, Kevin Sorbo 

with special Thanks to Kevin Sorbo for the Coverpicture

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Bernie the Dolphin

Bernie the Dolphin 2
released on Dec. 17. 2019
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