Miracle in East Texas 

Produced and Directed by Kevin Sorbo

East Texas Oil changes to
Miracle in East Texas

In 1931, a pair of super-slippery flim-flam men, Doc Boyd and DAD EVERETT, blow into the small town of Cornville, Texas, planning to bilk a few lonely widows with their tried-and-true dry-oil-well grift, which has already worked a half dozen times in Oklahoma. But when the unthinkable happens and they actually strike oil, that's just the first of the miracles that start popping forth from the dead soil of East Texas

 Director: Kevin Sorbo
Writer: Dan Gordon
Stars: John Ratzenberger, Kevin Sorbo, Tyler Mane, Sam Sorbo
and also
Oscar winning actor - Lou Gossett, Jr.

with special Thanks to
Braeden Sorbo and Kevin Sorbo for Photos
Moviephotos by Andras Schram - Budapest, Hungary
please respect the copyrights

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Lindsey Foxall UK



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