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About us

The OEKSFC team and Kevin Sorbo welcome you to our website.

Hard to believe, but May 1998 we already exist, thanks to Hannelore Müller and her team at that time: Helga, Susanne, Birgit D., Birgit K., Nadine and Sabrina.

In agreement with Kevin Sorbo, Hannelore then handed over the further fate of the fan club into our - Lindsey's, Heidi's and Anne's - hands in 2008.

In the meantime, together with Kevin Sorbo, we have successfully arrived at our 25th club year and have been able to reach over 2600 members and fans.

If the opportunity arises, we try to arrange club meetings with Kevin and the fans at European conventions.

Whoever would like to accompany Kevin in his many activities and is interested in news, photos, interviews etc. is in good hands in our club and is very welcome as a member.

We are looking forward to meeting you,
Lindsey, Anne and
Kevin Sorbo

More information and news about Kevin Sorbo. His series, movies, and much more can be found on our Facebook club page.
Come and become part of our community. Everyone is welcome!

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